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Red Flag in Background Check

Run enough applications and it’s not too uncommon for a prospective tenant to come looking for a rental and when we run our background check something negative appears on their criminal history. Let me be honest and say that YES, those do raise up a red flag however it doesn’t NECESSARILY mean the end of your home rental hopes.

For starters you’ve got to understand that accepting a tenant in one of our houses means that we will be dealing with each other for an entire year. Actually in reality it’s not just us but the neighbor to your left and right (sometimes top or bottom) and the entire surrounding community have to deal with you. For this and many more detailed reasons it’s important that we believe that we have great individuals moving in.

To be fair we understand that people change, circumstances come up and mistakes do happen. If that generally is you this is how you can give yourself the best shot of landing a pad:

1. Be upfront about it-You know going in that a background check will be done so go ahead in the beginning and share that information while provide supporting documents showcasing how that was a one time occurrence. Did you get in a bar fight? Well show that you went to anger management, volunteer and have references for the choir director (or something) that you’ve been dependable…which leads to part #

2. Bring documentation-not to reiterate but bring documentation of how you’ve turned Right at the fork and stayed on it. References are more important that anything here and we don’t mean just your mom or girlfriend. We want to hear from your boss, your church or the place you volunteer at.

Hopefully this helps someone on their next application process.

Posted by: sealeyteam on July 17, 2014
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