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A Range of Advisory and Consulting Services

Our goal is to help investors of all levels; first time to veteran, achieve their goals. As a result, The Sealey Team provides a wide range of advisory and consulting services:

• Asset analysis and opinion of value
• Property operations analysis
• Specific asset buy-sell strategy
• Market and submarket analysis and ranking
• Portfolio strategy
• City/County Permit/Zoning Navigation

Understanding Your Objectives

The Sealey Team gain a thorough understanding of your objectives and current assets. This enables our team to help you develop the right property and portfolio strategy.

You will receive detailed analysis to support buy, hold and sell decisions and formulate real estate investment projections. Our real-time market knowledge is combined with leading research as the basis of our advisory services.

Personalized & Customized Service

Our advisory and consulting services will help you formulate buy-sell decisions, analyze markets, shape long-term portfolio strategies, evaluate development or redevelopment options and optimize returns during the holding period of properties.

Long-Term Relationships

We have measured our success by the quality and longevity of client relationships. Assisting our clients in shaping their strategy in an advisory capacity has resulted in our high ratio of repeat business.

We view each transaction as a stepping stone toward a long-standing relationship. We are dedicated to being the best lifetime source of information and expertise to our clients.